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    Samurai in the Mud

    Samurai in the Mud is a celebration of a Samurai’s inevitability of death, something he must make peace with in order to live a warrior’s life and walk his path.

    Every detail of the bike has been meticulously hand-painted showcasing the intricate nature of Japanese prints.

    This cyclocross bike is made for the fighters, those who go to battle every day, for whom which mud and rain are no deterrent, and is at home in New York City, home to the hungriest urban warriors.

    “An archer has only one target, his heart”


    “A Samurai was only a Samurai in the eyes of others, not in his own eyes. He had no eyes, he was already dead. For a Samurai there was no tomorrow, there was no yesterday, there was not even a present, there was only the here and now, he was the here and now, he was Ku. Ku was his whole life, his whole existence, all of his yesterdays, todays, tomorrows”.


    “One blow, one life. A whole life, a whole existence in one blow, here and now. That was the sense, the meaning. There is no fighter, no fought, no fight, there is just the here and now, one blow. Just one blow that is the whole of life, the whole existence of the fighter, the fought, the fight”.


    “They say that Japan was born from a sword. They say that the ancients dipped a coral blade in the ocean and when they drew it out four perfect drops fell into the sea and those drops became the four islands of Japan. I say that Japan was created by a handful of courageous men, warriors ready to give their lives for what seems like a forgotten word: honor.”
    – Simon Graham