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    The Inflexible Club of Love

    The inflexible Club of Love combines our love of the 1976 Oshima film ‘In the Realm Of Senses’ and Shunga Prints – Japanese erotic art typically cut from woodblock.

     ‘In the Realm Of Senses’ is a fictionalised retelling of the story of Sada Abe, a Japanese geisha who erotically asphyxiated her lover before cutting off his penis and carrying it around with her in her kimono. The film’s real sex scenes caused a stir worldwide while reaching cult status.

     Shunga prints made between the 16th and 19th century were enjoyed by all classes of Japan. Genitalia is typically exaggerated alongside non-realistic sexual positions that surpass eroticism.

     The result is an intricately hand-painted frame, that demands a closer look. It’s wooden handlebars and trims pay tribute to the woodblock while the Brooks saddle provides the finishing touch. Made for those who have found their last love, because it is the only one that counts.


    “Scoundrel of a priest that I am,
    always singing my “Little love song”
    Always drunk with wine and pleasure/drunk with poetry.
    The authority of the abbot into the nettles
    I throw it back to the temple;
    I prefer my flute, even if not many
    recognize the tone.”



    “To this withered and naked tree/you are a new Spring:/with flourishing branches an explosion of flowers/an ancient promise renews itself./If I were to ever forget the festival/of your generosity/I should be reborn through the centuries as a beast”.