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Our mission: To turn bikes into art.

We remix the books, paintings, movies and cultures that inspire us, and hand paint them onto frames. Achab bikes are as at home on the streets as they are hanging on your wall. Our bikes are one-of-a-kind made for kindred spirits who share a love for art and cycling.

 Hand-painted in Amsterdam and Miami, shipped around the world.

We are a team of creatives who – like Moby Dick’s Captain Achab,- are fuelled by an obsession and a relentless pull toward the unknown.

“The force of desire and the knowledge of destruction. Wanting something that you know will destroy you is a metaphysical experience. There are those who seek it and those who shun it. There are those who spend half their lives following it and, if they survive, the other half hoping that it will not happen again.” G. Romagnoli

Achab, is a bike aficionado born in Ferrara, Italy currently calling Miami, USA home, after hiding in Amsterdam for long time. By day, he works in marketing and by night can be found on one of his 13 bikes or chasing after his wife and two children.