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    Moby Dick

    “The force of desire and the knowledge of destruction.

    Wanting something that you know will destroy you is a metaphysical experience.

    There are those who seek it and those who shun it.

    There are those who spend half their lives following it and, if they survive, the other half hoping that it will not happen again”. G.R.


    “The sea, Homeric and Biblical, is the realm of monsters, of terror and of the immense deep that human intelligence struggles to understand. The white whale against which Captain Ahab fights stubbornly and uselessly is a blinding symbol of evil  and the absurdity of the world. The ship is a microcosm of society, and the maniacal hunt for the whale reflects the determination of human beings to dominate nature, bending it to their will, possessing it.  The gloomy end throws a fatalistic light on the significance of human adventure. The narrative is dense with symbolic meaning that is revealed at every step by the richness of the text, drawn from the tragic vision of life that Melville had, by his sense of the hopeless ambiguity between good and evil, between which human beings oscillate without the possibility of making definitive choices”.