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"The force of desire and the knowledge of destruction.Wanting something that you know will destroy you is a metaphysical experience.There are those who seek it and those who shun it" G. Romagnoli 
Get to know Achab Biciclette

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The inflexible club of Love

“From a first glance it seems as if an embrace and oversized genitals are the only ‘subjects’ of the ‘Shunga’ prints. The erotic aspect was important on many levels: to stimulate the senses and to entertain, and also – perhaps surprisingly – to educate young women about sexuality. The scene of the embrace certainly attracted Read More

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In the press

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Samurai in the mud

“An archer has only one target, his heart” “A Samurai was only a Samurai in the eyes of others, not in his own eyes. He had no eyes, he was already dead. For a Samurai there was no tomorrow, there was no yesterday, there was not even a present, there was only the here and Read More